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Why is a “cheap site” a mistake, or how to fail online

Why is a cheap site a mistake, or how to fail online
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In Google searches for a WordPress design service provider or an online marketing agency, you will find that the first pages are full of offers like “cheap website creation” or “website creation 250 euros (price for a long list of countries) in 5 days” or “website creation with SEO optimization in 7 days and free hosting”.

These offers are very attractive, especially for start-up companies.

What’s wrong with these offers?

Let’s first understand what is and isn’t achievable from these offers.

With today’s technology and with open-source platforms such as WordPress Platform or similar, using accessible templates you can set up a website that looks good in a few days.

If the client also comes with the completed homework and provides the developer with all the desired texts and images, this time is shortened significantly.

If the client is flexible in terms of design, or if a visually happy choice of the theme has been made, such a site can be ready the next day.

Will such a site be visible on Google or will it sell?

Unfortunately, the answer is simple and dry: “No” or in the best case “Not out of the box” (that is, you will have to later pay for some additional services to fix the problem).

Why? The reasons are countless: all the steps of creating a marketing tool are skipped and only a site is delivered (which probably looks good) that cannot be found by search engines.

Plus a site that just looks good, and is not made from the beginning with “SEO in mind”, a proper structure, and clean code, has poor chances of online success.

From market analysis to properly marking up your code to make it understandable to search engines, all the elements that make the difference between a website parked on the internet with no prospects and a real marketing tool designed from the ground up to generate conversions are ignored – that is, for to attract visitors to convert them into customers.

There are also offers that mention SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) included for the same sites delivered in 5, 7, or 10 days.

Is it realistic? Not really.

If we start from the initial premise with the site made on a WordPress platform, installing a module like Yoast SEO (the most popular SEO module on the WP platform, but not the best) does not mean optimization – the most common type of so-called optimization SEO delivered within days.

Such modules are useful only for the uninitiated, for those who prefer to follow “traffic lights” with red, yellow, and green, but not enough.

These modules have some beneficial effects for SEO optimization but represent 10% (to be generous) of the whole process.

The optimization process (on-page) is complex, takes time, and is a process that cannot be automated – that is, it must be done mostly “by hand”.

It involves changes to the code (both HTML, CSS, and JS), it involves optimizing the images used, it involves optimizing the texts, it involves research relevant keywords, and much more and it is impossible to deliver in 5, 7, or 10 days because, as I said earlier, SEO optimization cannot be automated and is time-consuming.

Of course, search engine optimization can be done later, but the effort to raise the rank of a site indexed by Google based on information generated by WP unrelated to the actual content of the site will be much greater, longer, and more expensive.


If you don’t want a site that only your friends or those who have a direct link can visit, use professional Wordpess design services and don’t be fooled by cheap offers, or at least make an informed decision. Any online business requires time, investment, and specialists to make it happen.