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Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting powered by Google Cloud

Hosting powered by two giants in the industry, Google Cloud Platform, and LiteSpeed Enterprise Server, Industry-leading price/performance and future-proof infrastructure with Commercial web server specialized in WordPress caching and PHP processing and World fastest content delivery using Google’s global network.

Also, we have a secure DNS, Google Cloud DNS. Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network

wpantonio managed hosting

With us, you have the most enterprise wordpress hosting!

Google Cloud

Google’s QUIC, the HTTP/3, Reducing the connection time by using Google next-generation protocol available at the origin servers and CDN with Google’s Brotli compression, better then Gzip.

Premium Network

Google Premium Network, With Premium Tier, you use the same network that delivers Google’s Search, Gmail, or YouTube. Google Cloud DNS, Reliable, resilient, low-latency. Google’s worldwide network.

Litespeed Enterprise

It cannot be made faster, the full power of Google Premium Network & Litespeed technologies with PHP LSAPI ProcessGroup, the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages.

SPECIALLY CRAFTED ONLY FOR WORDPRESS, not a single missing feature!

Auto Updates – Automated core updates and semi-automated major updates.

Built-in Performance-Optimized by default using Google & Litespeed technologies.

Managed OPcache & Object-Cache, Dramatically improve the PHP execution time, and reduces MySQL queries.

Built-in Security – Automated backups, malware detection, DDOS, and WAF.

CloudScan – High efficient real-time malware detection protection tuned for WordPress.

Updates – Automated core updates and semi-automated major updates.

Security – Secured by default, no plugins or third-party services needed.

Staging – Make changes to your live site but push in production only when is ready.

CDN – Built-in CDN and unlike others, we use enterprise one, Google Cloud CDN.

Performance – Optimized by default using Google & Litespeed technologies.

Collaboration – Never share passwords, your team in one single dashboard.

Choose Your Data Center – Datacenters in 5 continents of your choice per WordPress site.

wpantonio google cloud edgepoints

Premium Tier

Premium Tier delivers GCP traffic over Google’s well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network. This network consists of an extensive global private fiber network with over 100 points of presence (POPs) across the globe. By this measure, Google’s network is the largest of any public cloud provider. See the Google Cloud network map.

GCP customers benefit from the global features within Global Load Balancing, another Premium Tier feature. You not only get the management simplicity of a single anycast IPv4 or IPv6 Virtual IP (VIP), but can also expand seamlessly across regions, and overflow or fail over to other regions.

Our whole infrastructure uses Google Cloud Platform. The custom machine type and preemptible machine types were the primary reason why we choose Google, and of course because Google is the pioneer in IT technologies. Litespeed Enterprise power our web server and PHP processing and it is nearly 100% compatibility with WordPress and WordPress plugins. Cloudlinux power our user isolation and system stability.