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Adventures in search of a WordPress developers

Adventures in search of a WordPress developer wpantonio.com
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“Adventures in the search for a WordPress developer ” is a theme that we proposed because, currently, we have 2 clients who have websites with problems.

These companies collaborated with several agencies and WordPress developers and were left with websites that generate neither traffic nor conversions and are not profitable from the point of view of the investment made.

It’s like a kind of lottery for the client and sometimes it gives you the impression that in the digital market you have to be lucky to find a professional WordPress developer.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that digital marketing is the future. Everyone is present online and we will not return to traditional sales techniques.

Do not be fooled by empty promises and spam e-mails. 

Do your homework conscientiously and don’t trust anyone.

And now let’s tell you…

Within 48 hours I received several messages from different people talking negatively about their WordPress developers. This is more than sad for us, because this is our profession and because we have worked in web development for over 7 years.

Does a web development project have to be continuously sprinkled with trials, sufferings, and anguish? Can’t everything go well and as expected before contracting the developer? Can’t we find a good WordPress developer?

This week’s conversations made me think about how much disappointment and suffering these projects contain. Money is wasted, time is lost and sales are non-existent.

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Unfortunate cases of contracting a WordPress developer

We reveal here 2 examples of the situations that clients have faced:

Let’s meet Karina

Karina came to us with a recommendation. He spent 10,000 Euros on a Real Estate Agency website, which was built with a Website Builder that he can neither use nor modify. The reconstruction of her website brought the traffic to 0 and the sales seemed to have evaporated.

What didn’t work? After we can realize that the developer used a template with the theme “Forest” and then filled it with dozens of shortcodes and charged 10 times the amount he should have asked for. The new site looks beautiful, but the essential content is missing from the basic pages, so the SEO has collapsed. And I bet that the developer forgot to use the 301 redirections when he modified the URLs, which made the SEO situation even worse because, in this way, he also canceled the previously existing SEO and interrupted the chain of references from traffic.

Let’s meet John

John is our client with whom we have an SEO consulting contract signed a few months ago. We help him with keyword research, mapping, content creation, etc. During this time he was working with another WordPress developer on his new site.

Recently, he sent me the URL to the website in the works, so I can take a look. Friday morning I had the unpleasant task of conveying to you what I found in the few minutes I looked.

On each page there were I don’t know how many H1 titles. In the semantic use of HTML5, we should only have an H1 Heading, and the H2 and H3 subheadings must have a logical subsequence. It had no logical flow. This means that they did not follow our instructions and that their developers did not pay attention to SEO.

What bothered me the most was that basic elements, such as phone numbers, which should be set as “click to call” or the address, were coded as images without a link. This does not help optimization and neither do users. Especially those who use mobile devices.

I wrote to John and described the problems I noticed while trying to avoid months of SEO work being hijacked by someone else’s faulty programming.

I assured John that we can save the situation. Even if the people from the previous company are upset, we can work at a fair hourly rate so that we can clean their site. This is not an ideal situation. Anyway, it means an extra expense, but at least this way the website can be put online and the sales won’t decrease in a few weeks.

Suggestions for hiring a WordPress developer

You may wonder why we are presenting these cases. Well, because we want to share their experiences so that we understand what can happen if we don’t hire a WordPress developer who takes into account all the details and only those related to appearance.

Through education, we can create change and through change, we can achieve success. Allow us to offer you some suggestions for hiring a competent WordPress developer so that you can identify him:

  1. Check

Our customers have taken at least one of the following actions:

  • They carefully reviewed our website to find out what our working methods and values ​​are;
  • They looked for the reviews made by our clients to find out how satisfied they are;
  • They also visited other sites that talk about our activity;
  • If they were interested in SEO, they indeed checked the appearance of our website in Google and Bing searches.

2. What seems cheap is not cheap at all!

This is an important thing because the most frequent source of disasters in terms of web development is starting from a promotion, a discount, or a cheap site.

Approved WordPress developers have a calendar full of projects to do. They don’t need to offer discounts. They set a fair rate based on their professional qualification and experience.

It happens frequently. No one wants to correct someone else’s programming. When we do it, it takes longer than if it was done well from the beginning and it becomes expensive. The client then has to spend more than if he had chosen a professional WordPress developer from the start.

3. Detail your project and express your expectations.

If we have a client who does not express his needs or gives vague answers, we cannot understand what he is looking for, nor can we draw up an offer or create something satisfactory.

If the potential client cannot or does not want to define his needs, then it becomes difficult for us to deliver what is needed, for the project to be successful.

We can help define these needs, together, but communication and active participation are necessary.

4. Expect many questions.

We ask many questions, but they all have a specific purpose.

The more we ask, the more we understand what the client wants. This means that we can draw the responsibilities of each member of the team necessary for the project, to deliver what was established.

No doubt we make assumptions. They are not welcome, because they are not always correct. And when they are not correct, someone will be disappointed.

5. Don’t hire friends or family members.

Just because a relative has taken some HTML courses, it does not mean that he can take care of the web design and programming of a fully functional website that can support your business.

Maybe it will be cheap or free, but you will pay dearly both financially and emotionally for the necessary remedy.

6. Try to recognize what is offered to you.

There is much confusion between what is a website built from scratch for you by a professional WordPress developer and those made by a web designer who uses a prefabricated theme and focuses only on appearance.

Website owners have the impression that they are receiving a unique product, built especially for them, but in reality, they are receiving a ready-made and slightly modified theme at best.

The problem is not this, but the fact that they are tricked into paying thousands of euros for a design that is worth much less. Who would do such a thing, you might ask yourself… Well, many do so.

Don’t get me wrong, many web designers customize themes for their clients and create good websites with low costs. I’m glad that there are skilled WordPress developers who offer good services at reasonable rates.

That is why it is important to know what you are paying for and that you will get exactly what you contracted for your web development project. The price difference can be very large between the 2 working methods.

The determining factor is you.

If you plan to redo your website or launch a new digital project, do your research. Carefully check your WordPress developer and the projects he can deliver.

Find out information about the products you want and ask questions. If the WordPress developer is not willing to answer everything, make another choice!

The community is full of honest WordPress developers, who do quality programming and will ensure the success of your project

The key is to take a break, to filter the possible options so that all the money you invest is worth it.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details related to web development or optimization.